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A baby? At my age? What was I thinking?

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35+ Moms with new babies
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A community for MOMs giving birth at 35 years or older!

Recently retired (2004) from the military with a nice little retirement gift at the mature age of 38. Our beautiful daughter was born on 27 Feb 2004 and to our utter delight (this is Daddy's first child, my second) she has proven to be an incredible bundle of unexpected joy!

Although there were other new mom sites out there, I couldn't find one specifically for us "more mature" moms, who either, by choice or miracle, brought forth into this world, a precious gift. The main reason I would like to limit the site to women who are actually over 35 is because our needs and experiences are going to be a bit different than younger women. I also knew I wanted to create a support group that focused on; our changing bodies, the hormonal rollercoaster of emotions pre- and post-partum, the fears and concerns of being "at risk", the exhilaration of carrying a live little human being within and bonding with those going through the EXACT same process.

After careful consideration, I decided this community would be only for those women at the critical childbearing stage of their lives wishing to share their experiences, problems, advice, suggestions, funny stories, etc. with other like-minded mothers who thought they were the only one crazy enough to have a child a little later in life than most.

While I've had numerous requests from those currently in the "trying to conceive" stage or the "we're adopting/we've adopted a child" stage unfortunately at this time, this community is not right for you. I agree wholeheartedly that those and other stages of a woman's life are important, they're just not what THIS particular community is about. From a random search on TTC, adoption, babies, newborns, etc, I have seen hundreds listed for those interested in joining other sites geared towards those specific situations.

If you are interested in joining, you will notice that there is an approval process in place. The requirements for admission are pretty basic but one requirement I DO enforce is; a mother MUST have been PHYSICALLY pregnant and had a child AFTER turning 35 years old.

Also, if you send a request but have a FRIENDS ONLY journal or no readily accessible information regarding your age or child status (ie: I'm 39 with a 3 y/o), you will automatically be denied unless you send me an e-mail with the following information: How old are you? Why do you want to join Oldermoms? How old are your children?

If you feel you meet the requirements and are still interested in joining, please respond via e-mail to artemis_rich at artemisrich(at)gmail(dot)com or myself sisterblonde (MOM2SNOX@yahoo.com) and we will make sure to give you our decision right away!

Please note that comments, posts and questions posted to my personal journal about this site will not be answered although you are free to add me as a friend! Thanks for understanding!
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