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i am in my first trimester with my second child and although i have a… - A baby? At my age? What was I thinking? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
35+ Moms with new babies

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[May. 28th, 2010|12:00 am]
35+ Moms with new babies


i am in my first trimester with my second child and although i have a while before i even have to worry about labor i am already stressing about it.
for my first child i had to have an emergency c-section because i never dilated beyond 5cm after 36 hours. i really like the idea of trying a natural birth with the second child since no two births are the same and i could maybe deliver naturally.
the hang up is that there is no way to have a vbac in the community in which i live. this means i would have to take the then 3 year old with me to stay in a larger city for the last month of my pregnancy and hope that my huband was able to fly down in time for the birth of the baby. since the two closest cities would require flying with a newborn baby during the christmas holidays i am feeling very selfish for even thinking about this option.
that said i am wondering how many successful vbac do you know of since i only know of 1 in my area. most opt for staying in town and simply having another c-section. i am interested in hearing about personal experiences, both those that resulted in natural birth and those that might not have. also i want some feedback from some mamas out there....what would you do?

[User Picture]From: spiralwitch
2010-05-28 06:42 pm (UTC)
We might be, i mean how creepy that we're in such similar lives (although i live in suburbia). I too felt that let down after my first (my son). I thought I did something wrong or that I wasn't woman enough. It lasted a while. Then I kinda found that women would hear my story and think I worked extra hard and put in more dues. It boils down to 36 hours of labor - for nothing!

My doctor basically said that it was more risky to try for a VBAC in case my body didn't respond again. It's just not worth the stress a long labor puts on the baby - or the seriousness of having to possibly do an emergency c-section.

I came to terms with it and I feel sorta lucky that I got to opt out of labor with my daughter. There was no pain, only fear and joy. And I got to have my whole family there - nobody had to rush to get there. And the bags were packed, car loaded and house clean. (just some perks)

I think about the olden times too.... can't imagine. I would've died, my son would've been poisoned by meconium. Thank god i'm not laura ingalls!!

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