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i am in my first trimester with my second child and although i have a… - A baby? At my age? What was I thinking? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 28th, 2010|12:00 am]
35+ Moms with new babies


i am in my first trimester with my second child and although i have a while before i even have to worry about labor i am already stressing about it.
for my first child i had to have an emergency c-section because i never dilated beyond 5cm after 36 hours. i really like the idea of trying a natural birth with the second child since no two births are the same and i could maybe deliver naturally.
the hang up is that there is no way to have a vbac in the community in which i live. this means i would have to take the then 3 year old with me to stay in a larger city for the last month of my pregnancy and hope that my huband was able to fly down in time for the birth of the baby. since the two closest cities would require flying with a newborn baby during the christmas holidays i am feeling very selfish for even thinking about this option.
that said i am wondering how many successful vbac do you know of since i only know of 1 in my area. most opt for staying in town and simply having another c-section. i am interested in hearing about personal experiences, both those that resulted in natural birth and those that might not have. also i want some feedback from some mamas out there....what would you do?

[User Picture]From: tikizeekbaby
2010-05-28 05:08 pm (UTC)
My first daughter was born as a Csection for "failure to progress"... I'd fully dialated with an Epidural BUT she'd engaged and at angle... and since I was incapacitated with that epidural, I couldn't move around to help her move. I didn't want to put the next baby or myself through that, in our case, the Epidural messed with her ability to regulate her temperature and her sugar levels, they kept her in an isolette in the nursery for 5 hours after she was born.

I called around and couldn't find a doctor willing to do a VBAC. I finally settled on a set of Midwives as a hospital that is 35 minutes from our place when there is no traffic... I live in the Los Angeles area... there's ALWAYS traffic, in this case, it can easily take up to 2.5 hours to get there (this is a key detail).

I hired a Doula and spent my pregnancy doing a lot of pelvic rocks and sitting on a yoga ball to try and ensure "optimum position" since a lot of midwives have noted that babies that aren't in optimum position (facing your back, with their head tucked in) tend to go post dates and have much longer labors and difficulties.

Fast forward to the day I went into labor: I woke up at 7am with contractions, but they were bearable, went to a 10am Midwife appointment which took us an hour and a half to get to. They checked me, I was -2 station and 60% effaced. I was having regular contractions (15 minutes apart) but they were still bearable. I was declared in "early labor" and the Midwife sent me along saying she expected to see me in the next few days. That was at 10:30am... we drive home, get to our area at 12 noon and I had to do some shopping so my partner stayed home from work to help me get ready. By 1pm I was having to concentrate and breathe through contractions... by 1:45pm I was having a hard time sitting in the truck through contractions, by 2pm we were driving back to the hospital. At 3pm we hadn't gone more than 5 miles because traffic was completely backed up, we got onto side streets, that wasn't much better. We got into a fender bender at 3:45pm for following someone who was going through a yellow light and changed her mind 1/2 way through the intersection. By that point, my water had broken and my body was spontaneously pushing (go optimum position).

We didn't know it at the time but our Truck has a "kill switch" that has to be reset if you have a fender bender before it will start again... so there we are, me pushing without wanting to, and we call 911. Within 10 minutes we were being transported to the closest hospital. I was in labor, in the delivery room they rushed me into and she was crowing, but taking a bit to come out and I actually HEARD THEM ordering a surgical suite be prepared... my baby was born on her own within 5 minutes of that... I didn't do anything special, just went with my body... She was born inside of 30 minuts after we arrived at the hospital.

Moral of my story: Had Doula who didn't make it in time due to change of hospitals, had Midwives I didn't get to, birthed in a hospital that WOULD HAVE sectioned me if I'd gotten there sooner but they didn't have a chance... VBAC'ed anyway. :)

So some options: As above posters have pointed out, if something goes wrong, being that far from help or your hospital (either way) doesn't really work. Having had a toddler when my second baby was born, being by yourself and having to manage a toddler while in hard labor... doesn't work either. If you have a relative you could stay with or a good friend, that would work. Otherwise, you go with the mellowest doctor you can find at the hospital you didn't care for... you then do everything you can to be healthy and get that baby in the right position... and then.. you wait until the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT to go to said hospital... once your body is doing it's own pushing... there's not a hell of a lot they can do to mess with you... they can try, but if baby is showing up on his or her own...they pretty much are catching at that point.

All that said, if a homebirth is an option, definately go that route.

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[User Picture]From: tikizeekbaby
2010-05-28 05:09 pm (UTC)

Some websites on positioning

I mentioned earlier that midwives to find a link between baby being engaged wrong or sunny side up and longer labors, going past due dates and birth issues, here are some sites to help.

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[User Picture]From: anoutlet
2010-05-28 06:22 pm (UTC)
thanks for your story. i was even contemplating doing what you talked about...unfortunately the hospital doesn't have a trauma ward and it there were some kind of crazy complication...whatever those might be, those have yet to be discussed, there is nothing they could do. the closest hospitals equipped for some sort of labor delivery are a minimum of a 3 hour jet ride away.
i wish it was as easy as holding out...that i could do, no problem!
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[User Picture]From: tikizeekbaby
2010-05-28 07:22 pm (UTC)
I'm going to be really frank with you. Easy decision is stop researching now and go repeat Csection. Don't research any more, don't talk about it any more. Follow your doctor, and just go with the "the doctor said it was the best option" because as you can see above, it's a really comfortable place to be.

If that doesn't sit well with you, research... and then be ready to possibly have to make peace with the fact that things didn't go the way you wanted them to or really felt would have been healthier.

I find it disturbing that we have hospitals that will force people into major surgery, but not be able to handle complications... so sad. :(
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